A lifetime spent developing patient-centered medicine.

Dr. Vyas: Bringing the world's best medical practices to you

A lifetime spent developing patient-centered medicine.

Dr. Vyas: Bringing the world's best medical practices to you

by nayanavyas

Dr. Nayana Vyas learned medicine throughout the world. Today, Dr. Vyas and her family are transforming medicine.


Dr. Vyas was raised in Uganda, where she was unlike most of the girls. She preferred science and was encouraged to enter medicine by her brother. After Idi Amin expelled all of the Asians in the country, Dr. Vyas would never return.


Alone in a new land, Dr. Vyas experienced her first round of medical training at India’s finest universities. Her first residency brought her to rural India, where she was ordered to assist with the Gandhi sterilization project.


Dr. Vyas moved to England to live with her husband and his family. Forced into a second residency, Dr. Vyas experienced a regimented government-run health care system, where care was coordiated through a central physician. 


After a third residency, Dr. Vyas created her own destiny, moving to Orlando and building Family Physicians Group into a national leader in primary care. FPG was recognized regularly for their reduced costs and improved care.

Awards and Press

Peterson Study

In 2014, The Peterson Foundation for Health Care partnered with Stanford University to find the best primary care practices in the United States. Dr. Vyas’ Family Physicians Group was one.

Business Woman of the Year

In 2010, Orlando Business Journal named Dr. Vyas as the Woman Business Owner of the Year, choosing from more than 100 nominees.

Top Woman-Owned Business

For years, Family Physicians Group was Central Florida No. 1 woman-owned business, according to the annual ranking by Orlando Business Journal.

Keynote Speaker

In 2014, the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce allowed Dr. Vyas to be the keynote speaker to more than 200 attendees at their Professional Women’s Luncheon.

Fastest Growing Company

In 2013, Family Physicians Group was named the fastest minority-owned companies in Central Florida by Orlando Business Journal.

Reader’s Choice

For several years, Family Physicians Group was named the top primary care provider in Central Florida by the readers of Orlando Business Journal.

In 1987, Dr. Nayana Vyas opened her first clinic in Orlando. It was a realization of a lifetime of learning about the world’s medical practices. Using the best medicine from England, India and the United States, Dr. Vyas quickly figured out how to bring patient-centered care to primary care, resulting in lower costs and improved outcomes.

Over the next three decades, Family Physicians Group expanded throughout Florida, becoming one of the country’s top primary care practices. Today, the company founded by Dr. Vyas remains focused on Medicare patients and providing integrated care to its tens of thousands patients.